Another Season Has Arrived

After what has seemed like forever, another season of football is upon us. No not those bulky wimpy guys that wear pads and helmets. These guys tackle hard, play 90 minutes with no timeouts, but they do like to flop. The soccer summer is always as hot as the weather, because like Forrest Gump said in part-You never know what your gonna get. Rumors, rumors, and more rumors make the offseason hotter than a cheap steamy cinema. And the football fan in us likes to start playing armchair manager and fantasy general manager with "what if" or "can you imagine." Done deals get the fan in you excited or upset. 

All the friendlies that have been played over the last few weeks have been outstanding for the most part. This includes that spectacle that MLS likes to call the All Star game. The International Champions Cup was outstanding with Manchester United, Barcelona, and PSG, Chelsea and other top clubs competing, rather than just going through the motions like some sports. And for the most part, all eyes were on Manchester United and Chelsea. The Emirates Cup was another fantastic friendly competition to watch. Arsenal looked like the EPL favorite in both matches, Sevilla looked like two time defending Europa Champions while Wolfsburg showed that they will challenge Bayern for the Bundesliga crown this year. 

And then, there was the German Supercup, in which Wolfsburg won in dramatic fashion, the Community Shield at Wembley where it was Wenger vs Mourinho. In La Liga questions are surrounding Barcelona's defense. Can Benitez and Ronaldo get along? As well as Didier Drogba joining MLS.

So many storylines to begin the season, which should make for another great season for the sport that never sleeps. Are you ready for another season to arrive?