You Can't Please Everybody

As the football season winds down across Europe, player movement chatter gets louder and louder as does manager speculation. Which led me to this, whether it's everyday life or in the workplace - can you really ever please everybody??

At Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti inherited a team full of talent. You know all the names, it’s a who’s who in football. But everywhere he’s been, all he has done is win. But this season for some reason, there is speculation that Ancelotti could be sacked. For what? Winning? or the lack of winning trophies? Make no mistake, Ancelotti is no stranger to the cut throat politics of football.

At Juventus he was sacked during halftime in the final game of the 2000-01 season. In 2010-11 at Chelsea, he was sacked in the hallway following a match against Everton. And that’s after winning the FA Cup and the League title the previous season. Once again, for winning??

And now with Real Madrid there has been constant talk of dismissal since they finished in third last season. And leading up to the second Clasico, there was more chatter about it if they lost to Barcelona, which they did. But Ancelotti remained, for how long who knows. The team president has never really been a big supporter it seems, but just a few years ago they felt he was the man for the job. Leading up to the quarter-final second leg against Atletico, once again there were reports that Ancelotti would be sacked if they lost. And once again leading into the semifinals against Juventus, it was the same old story. Now facing a must win in the second leg and winning by a big margin, Ancelotti will look to bring out his best performance yet as a manger and just win. I’m sure that deep down on the inside though he would never let his emotions out, maybe he wants to move on, or perhaps he really wants to stay. For a manager that is one of only two that have EVER won the European Cup three times, I would be real careful if I were Real Madrid and think this one through. Like they say, be careful what you wish for. Is Zinedine Zidane the answer? Who knows, but it’s a shame that all you do is win and you still can’t please everybody.