Where Does Chelsea Rank All Time?

The champions have been crowned with three weeks to go. Jose Mourinho has turned in yet another stellar coaching job. Not that he was ever subpar, but this season there seemed to be a bit more focus on winning the title than in years past. Last season, Chelsea were in the hunt until late in the year but couldn’t finish. Looking back at probably the one area that Chelsea really needed attention was in the scoring department. In 2013-14, the trio of Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’o, and Demba Ba combined for 19 goals. So how did they fix that?

The biggest reason for Chelsea’s success this season goes to a man not named Costa, Hazard, or Fabregas. His name is Jose Mourinho. He identified what the team needs were and filled every one of them. Not only did he bring in Diego Costa, Didier Drogba, and Loic Remy to get almost double the goal production, but one player has scored what three achieved last season. And to top it off, he addressed the midfield situation by bringing in Cesc Fabregas.

Do you remember the New Years Day debacle against Tottenham? It’s ok nobody really does. That’s because when you dominate the way Chelsea have, those games are just a little tiny bump in the road that are all but forgotten. Jose Mourinho now has three titles in English football, along way to go to catch Sir Alex Ferguson’s 13 and Jose himself admitted recently that he will never win 13 league titles but he can win 13 championships.

So where does Chelsea rank all time? The first team that comes to mind might be the “Invincibles” of Arsenal from 2004 considering they went unbeaten and led the league for 216 days. Then there is Manchester United. The 2012-13 team was pretty darn good as they led for 191 days, as was the 2006-07 team that led for 250 days. You can even go back to 1996 when probably one of the best teams to never win the title-Newcastle, led for 212 days. Even the Manchester United squad from 1993-94 that featured Keane, Schmeichel, Ince, Giggs, Cantona and more were dominant leading the league for 262 days.

This years team has been the most dominant team in the Premier League in recent memory. It’s always hard to compare teams or players because of different era’s, etc. But there is no denying this team was as good as it gets in the history of the Premier League. They have recorded 17 clean sheets in 35 games and have only conceded more than two goals twice. And only Manchester City has scored more goals than Chelsea. And when it’s all said and done they will have stayed at the top for 274 days and they will break Manchester United’s record for most consecutive days as leaders with 268. That is not only dominant, but that is consistency at it’s finest and it can be directly attributed to the “Special One” and it looks like there will be more in the coming years.