This Game Never Stops Giving

As a longtime football fan, this game never ceases to amaze me, and this weekend was no different. Week after week the story lines are something from a writers script. From title races, to managers being sacked, to possible player movements. It tugs at the inner sports fan in you.

Newcastle United is treading water right now as they hope to avoid relegation. The owner Mike Ashley, to his credit has done a good job from a business standpoint. Not all fans favor him though. He has brought in revenue with a stadium sponsor but fans want to see a winner. When John Carver took over, most fans wondered what the hell are we doing?? Is he the right man for the job? You never know. They have a good young nucleus, but it makes you think if Alan Pardew saw the writing on the wall.

Then you have Watford. They earned promotion back to the Premier League for the first time since 2007. This is a club that sacked three managers this season before hiring Slavisa Jokanovic. They are built for success next season unlike some of the others in years past that have been promoted. I'm sure somewhere Sir Elton John is smiling big as the Hornets return to top flight football.

Sure the Bundesliga title race was perhaps one of the worst in modern history but the fact that Bayern Munich has won 3 consecutive titles for the second time in club history is astonishing. Consider this, the majority of that roster was well involved in the World Cup. And for Pep Guardiola to keep this team together through all competitions is a feather in his cap. (as if he needed more)

And then there's Chelsea. All the talk now is that they are boring. Boring?? Just recently the talk was "we will see how good they really are over the next two weeks". Well, looking back on the last two weeks, they beat Manchester United 1-0, and played to a 0-0 draw against Arsenal. Boring you say?? That 1-0 win over Manchester United was about as good as it gets when it comes to tactical coaching. In the Arsenal game, once again tactics won, not the goal difference.  When asked about Chelsea being called “boring” by Arsenal fans, Mourinho responded, “Boring? I think boring is 10 years without a title. That’s boring.” What makes Chelsea so deadly is their unmatched ability to adapt to the game in which they are playing. It's all about protecting the lead right? 

If your an Arsenal fan how do you feel getting so close yet again? No reality show could come up with a script like football's week in and week out. The last second drama, the relegation battles, the promotions, the rumors, the passion, It never stops.