Brian Jordan

On The Pitch radio was created out of my passion and love for both radio and the beautiful game of soccer. I have been around the game for nearly 30 years as a player, coach AND even a ball boy for the Jacksonville Tea Men back in the early days of the original NASL. I take pride in the fact that I have contributed in some small way to the growth of soccer in America, over the last 25 years. It was always an idea of mine to do a show like this. So I thought I would combine my love of radio and soccer to create this show. And just as any great team builds talent all over the field, I brought in a couple of guys in John and Daryl, who have played the game and know it well and watch it just about 24/7. I couldn't ask for better teammates. I hope that you enjoy our banter from week to week and Thank You for your continuing support of the show.

Favorite team: Chelsea      Favorite player: eden hazard


John Williams   

John got the soccer bug at the age of eight, playing for the local club in Jacksonville, Florida. As his game progressed he excelled at the select level as found himself playing against top flight competition from all over the state of Florida and even played against top European youth teams in Holland, England, and Germany. His high school career was full of accolades. Our assistant coach nicknamed him "Johnny Barnes" because he played like that. John picked up several honors along the way which led him to a stint at Lee's McRae college. He never "walks alone" and is a student of the game.

Favorite team: Liverpool    Favorite player: Steven Gerrard


Daryl Williams

Daryl also got the soccer bug at an early age playing for the local clubs in Jacksonville also. Daryl moved onto the select academy and played various tournaments in Europe and was a five time Florida Olympic Development player. He is a big Manchester City supporter as he is always singing the City anthem in the studio.

Favorite team: Manchester City    Favorite player: Ruud Gullit